Discovering Devon’s Hidden Gems


Discover the beauty of Devon as you take a delightful journey through its heart. Start in the cozy town of Moretonhampstead, where history feels alive, and friendly faces welcome you. Meander through narrow streets filled with old shops, each hiding treasures from the past, waiting to be found.

Move into the green embrace of the Teign Valley, guided by the babbling River Teign to the famous Fingle Bridge. Pause here to enjoy the calm surroundings and feel the history that whispers through the valley. The rustling leaves and flowing river create a peaceful scene, inviting you to connect with nature.

Your adventure peaks in Dartmoor National Park, where elevated viewpoints offer breathtaking views. The vast moors, heather-covered landscapes, and ancient granite formations create a timeless setting that has inspired artists for centuries. Take a leisurely stroll and let the beauty of Dartmoor unfold around you.

As your day unfolds, imagine returning to the warmth of Clifford Lodge. The crackling woodburner invites you to relax and reflect on your day’s adventures. Each room in the lodge tells a story, creating a comforting atmosphere that feels like home. Clifford Lodge isn’t just a place to stay; it becomes a part of your Devon journey, offering a serene and enchanting backdrop for your retreat.

Enhance your Devon adventure with a stay at Clifford Lodge. Unwind in our charming retreat, where each day’s exploration blends into the cozy embrace of our lodge. Book your stay now and let Clifford Lodge be your home as you discover the hidden gems of Devon. Immerse yourself in the beauty, charm, and tranquility that define our lodge and its surroundings. Clifford Lodge is the heart of your unforgettable Devon experience.

Clifford Lodge - Relax, Explore and Enjoy the Tranquil Beauty of Devon.