Discovering the Tranquil Teign Valley in Devon


Take a calm and peaceful journey through the Teign Valley, nestled in the heart of beautiful Devon. This lovely place, found between Dunsford and Drewsteignton, is perfect for getting away from the busy world. As you stroll along the valley, the gentle River Teign shows you hidden treasures along its sides. The Fingle Bridge, a famous landmark, stands strong and old, providing a pretty spot to stop and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

Continue your adventure, where thick woodlands and pretty paths invite you to relax. The Teign Valley is a wonderful place for those who love quiet and calm. Picture coming back to the cozy Clifford Lodge after a day of exploration. Here, in this calming place, you’ll have the perfect retreat to think about all the lovely things you discovered during the day. Every moment spent in the Teign Valley will become a special memory, creating a peaceful setting for your stay at Clifford Lodge.

Enhance your Teign Valley adventure by staying at Clifford Lodge. Experience the peace of our charming retreat, where the beauty of nature and the comforts of our lodge come together. Reserve your spot now to make Clifford Lodge your home for exploring the tranquil Teign Valley. Immerse yourself in the loveliness of Devon, and let Clifford Lodge be your cozy spot in the peaceful embrace of nature.

Clifford Lodge - Discovering the Tranquil Teign Valley in Devon