Exploring Dartmoor: Nature’s Grand Playground


Embark on a journey into the stunning landscapes of Dartmoor National Park, a wondrous playground for nature lovers. Stretching across vast moors, Dartmoor is decorated with hills covered in heather and unique granite tors. As you venture, the views from high points reveal the timeless beauty of the moors. Dartmoor’s history, echoed in medieval villages, ancient monuments, and traces of tin mining, weaves a fascinating tapestry.

Take leisurely strolls, inhale the fresh moorland breeze, and encounter the park’s wildlife, including the iconic wild ponies. Dartmoor National Park transforms into a canvas of natural marvels, inviting you to connect with the great outdoors. After a day of exploration, imagine returning to the cozy Clifford Lodge. The crackling woodburner creates a warm setting for a pleasant evening, where the day’s adventures seamlessly blend into the lodge’s welcoming ambiance.

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Clifford Lodge - Exploring Dartmoor: Nature's Grand Playground